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Root Canal Treatments

Endodontics deals with diseases of the tooth’s pulp. The tooth pulp is present in the centre of the tooth and in Tooth canals ( which are also called root canals). When the pulp is exposed to decay, trauma, fracture or gets infected a root canal treatment is required.

A root canal treatment involves removing the pulp, clearing the infection and filling the root canal space. A simple and non-complex root canal treatment is often completed in one visit to our Dental clinic in Hyderabad. Some cases are actually more complex to deal with due to the teeth location in the mouth, their anatomical form or if they are very much damaged. Sowjanya Dental is the perfect place for best root cananl treatment in Hyderabad.

Transform Your Smile

We offer the most advanced innovations available in the field of dentistry today; all of which make for shorter, more comfortable treatment modalities leading to predictable, long-lasting and naturally beautiful outcomes.

  • A world class Dental treatment
  • One-To-One’ undivided attention
  • Relaxed and aesthetically beautiful environment
  • Best clinic for dental implants in Hyderabad
  • Cutting edge of modern dental technology

Root Canal

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