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Best Quality Dental Treatments

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Technology & Equipments

world class Dental treatments with an international standards technology & Equipments.

Dental Chair

All the dental operatories are equipped with high end dental chairs which are the ultimate in comfort and function. The touch less sensor and foot controls along with easily sterilizable surfaces protects you from most hospital borne infections.

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Wiser Laser

Sowjanya Dental Hospitals is equipped with the latest in soft tissue lasers, which can be used for surgeries, root canals, bleaching, implants and many other therapeutic modalities. Lasers are less aggressive and cause less heating damage to the tissues allowing for shorter, quicker treatment with predictable results.

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Digital X Rays

Our office uses the most advanced digital x-rays to get the clearest images with the lowest radiation possible. Instead of dental film, a small sensor is placed next to your teeth and an image exposed. The image is instantly displayed on the computer monitor where it can be enhanced, enlarged and analyzed.

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Radio Visio Graph

Sowjanya Dental Hospitals uses RVG or Digital X-ray using SOPRO digital imaging. The X-ray is shot using a digital sensor instead of the traditional radiographic films. This allows for upto 90% less exposure to radiation and also for instant display of image on the LCD monitor saving the time that would be needed for developing. This results in a much more superior quality of the picture which can easily be e-mailed to a specialist for a consult or second opinion.

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Touchless sensor lights on dental chairs

Our dental chairs are equipped with lights that can be operated with touch less sensors, reducing the incidence of cross infections between patients.

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High speed Noise free electric drills

These drills cut at a high speed with low vibrations which patients find more comfortable than the traditional drills giving a faster, easier result.

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All crowns and bridges both Metal Ceramic or Metal-free ceramic made at Sowjanya Dental Hospitals are made using CAD-CAM technology. The design of the crown is generated using computer animation which ensures a perfect fit and perfect occlusion.

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Sterlizing and storage

Sterile storage is an essential link in the hygiene chain. Between removal from the autoclave and their next use, sterilized items must be stored so as to be protected from contamination. The sterilization packages are specially designed for steam sterilization and protecting against micro-organisms.Our impulse auto-sealer machine is used to seal instruments into the sterile storage packages before sterilizing them in an autoclave. The autosealer device applies precise sealing pressure to produce optimal sealing seams. The packages are then autoclaved by our pre-vacuumed autoclave units in viewpacks for each patient and dated for reference.

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Intra oral camera

This diagnostic tool helps you to view the problems inside your mouth to make a better informed decision about your treatment. It is a device about the size of a pen. When placed inside your mouth it records a magnified picture of your teeth and gums, which can be viewed on the LCD monitor attached to the dental chair.

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Computer Based Patient Records

Our computer based dental recording system ensures that patient confidentiality and security is maintained. You no longer have to worry about carrying around your documentation. We can pull up your records and Xrays anytime you may want to stop by our dental office. This system also aids in following the multidisciplinary approach in your diagnosis and treatment planning, making your details easily available to our team of specialists.

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LED SCREEN on every dental chair

Kids wont find going to the dentist a bother anymore with the LED screens mounted on every dental chair playing their favorite cartoons or superhero movies. Adult patients too find that the distraction of their favorite movie or TV show playing can reduce anxiety. We have a collection you may choose from or you are welcome to bring your own CDs.

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Apex locators and Endo-mate

For a stress free and quick root canal we have Apexlocators and rotary root canal machine Endo-mate. With this technology at our disposal the root canal can be completed in a single anxiety free appointment.

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Sterilization procedures

When you visit Sowjanya Dental you can be sure that our patients safety is our primary concern.We ensure that our sterilization techniques meet if not exceed the international safety standards set by OSHA as well as Dental Council of India and Indian Dental Association. Strict aseptic techniques are used at Sowjanya Dental. All instruments are sterilized by autoclaving and chemical sterilization and packed in the vacuum sac individually and are opened in the presence of every patient. Disposable instruments are used wherever possible and discarded after every use..

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Dental Scanner

It is very professional optical camera with advanced software, scanning helps to make very precise crowns with perfect fit and highly aesthetic. Case can be done without taking impressions also helps in patients who have gag reflex. Once scanning is done the screen shows image of the tooth so that corrections can be done immediately

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