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Special Needs Patients

Pregnancy and Gingivitis

Pregnant women who are expecting a baby soon normally experience higher levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This increased Hormone production, leads to the gums react entirely different to the bacteria present in plaque. In several cases, it can cause a condition called “pregnancy gingivitis.” Symptoms for pregnancy Gingivitis include inflated, red gums and bleeding of the gums while brushing.

Latest research shows a link between pre-mature and low birth weight babies and gingivitis. Too much bacteria, that causes gingivitis, can enter the bloods through the gums. In this case, the bacteria can pass on to the uterus, causing the production of chemicals called “prostaglandins, “. These chemicals are suspected cause for pre-mature delivery.

During pregnancy, it is recoomended that you have regular dental check-ups to avoid mouth infections that can affect the fetus.

Diabetic Dental Care

Sowjanya Dental Hospiptal provides special care to dental patients who also suffer from Diabetes. Oral care becomes more difficult for Diabetes patients due to more blood sugar levels in bleeding gums.

Regular dental check-ups are a must for all dental patients who are also diabetic patients.

Transform Your Smile

We offer the most advanced innovations available in the field of dentistry today; all of which make for shorter, more comfortable treatment modalities leading to predictable, long-lasting and naturally beautiful outcomes.

  • A world class Dental treatment
  • One-To-One’ undivided attention
  • Relaxed and aesthetically beautiful environment
  • Best clinic for dental implants in Hyderabad
  • Cutting edge of modern dental technology

Special Needs Patients

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